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Welcome to Lansdowne Aquatec

The Aquatec division of Lansdowne Chemicals is focused on providing a range of biodegradable organic coagulants, (often referred to as flocculant aids), designed to treat industrial waste water & water based effluent streams. Such streams may include those from;

  • Food processors - cooked meats, vegetable, dairy, abattoirs

  • Mining

  • Petroleum refineries

  • Fibre board production

  • Biodiesel production

Lansdowne Aquatec's FlocuLan coagulants are based on the naturally occurring tannins from the bark of the Black Acacia tree, (Acacia Mearnsii). Dedicated Black Acacia plantations that provide the raw material for FlocuLan are recognized as wholly sustainable & as such carry the FSC, (Forestry Stewardship Council) certification.

Lansdowne Aquatec's liquid FlocuLan products are manufactured in Oxfordshire, UK.

To compliment the FlocuLan range, Lansdowne manufacture the heavy metal chelating product Mercaptazine. Mercaptazine provides a means of extracting metal ions from solution in processes such as waste incineration, wet scrubbers, power stations, electroplating & the automotive industry.

Lansdowne Aquatec offer a product selection service, where initial product screening is carried out on a sample of the wastewater needing clarification. We will determine the best FlocuLan product, optimum dose rate & conditions for the application. This data can then be used as the basis for a plant trial in order to fully assess & quantify the benefits of using FlocuLan.

Lansdowne Aquatec can also supply polyacrylamide flocculants for use in combination with FlocuLan & Mercaptazine where required. These are marketed under the Lanfloc trade name.


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